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Hand Made Artisanal Small Plates - Set of 4

Hand Made Artisanal Small Plates - Set of 4

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Set of four smaller artisanal Paraguayan plates, thoughtfully handcrafted in Aregua, each embodying the essence of local craftsmanship. Crafted from clay sourced from the region, these plates are a testament to the skilled hands of Aregua's artisans.

The earthy tones used in the creation of these plates echo the natural beauty of Paraguay's landscape, adding warmth and authenticity to each piece. The smaller size enhances their versatility, making them perfect for appetizers, desserts, or other delightful culinary creations.

Made out of natural clay in Areguá, Paraguay.

Set of 4. Availability: 1/1.

Diameter: 10 cm

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