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Hand Made Artisanal Drinkware - Set of 4

Hand Made Artisanal Drinkware - Set of 4

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Set of four clay glassware pieces, handcrafted in Aregua. Each item in this collection is a testament to the artistry of local craftsmen, shaping the clay sourced from the region into unique and functional pieces. This glassware set captures the essence of Aregua's cultural richness, bringing an authentic touch to your table.

The natural hues of the clay reflect the allure of Paraguay's landscape, infusing each piece with warmth and character. Embrace the unique charm and cultural heritage of Paraguay in every sip.

Made out of natural clay in Areguá, Paraguay.

Set of 4. Availability: 1/1.

Height: 8 cm.

Diameter: 5 cm.

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